Dealers Welcome Worldwide

Nemi Scientific has successfully built a fine reputation in the art of manufacturing high quality instrumentation over the last twenty five years and we are looking ahead with great enthusiasm to the upcoming year.

Nemi will be announcing a new world wide distributor very shortly.
We will be featuring a newly engineered line of products very shortly.

Nemi Scientific now offers the most comprehensive
line of quality guillotines available.

Over forty years experience
Manufactured to highest quality standards
Only the finest materials used
Easily cleaned and maintained in your lab
Easy blade replacement
The units never have to be returned saving shipping costs
Nemi has done the engineering so you can do the research

Model 802
  • Used for mice and rats
  • Opening 2 inches along each side

Model 803
  • Used for larger rats
  • Opening 3 inches along each side

Model 806
  • Used for larger subjects
  • Opening 6 inches along each side

  • Used for very large subjects
  • Model 808 is eight inches along each side
  • Model 812 is twelve inches along each side

We now accept all major credit cards.

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