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Our website is being updated adding additional model guillotines.
We will be offering the largest selection available any where in the market place.
Ultra high quality at affordable prices.
Nemi will be the worldwide headquarters for your guillotine needs, offering the largest selection available.

Nemi Scientific now offers the most comprehensive line of quality guillotines available.

Over forty years experience
Manufactured to highest quality standards
Only the finest materials used
Easily cleaned and maintained in your lab
Easy blade replacement
The units never have to be returned saving shipping costs
Nemi has done the engineering so you can do the research


Nemi Scientific has been involved in the manufacturing of precision scientific instrumentation for over fifty years. We manufacture what we sell. Our quality standards are unsurpassed in the industry.

When you purchase a Nemi product you can be confident that you made the right choice.

Nemi Guillotines
- Precision lever movement
- Tension adjustment on the lever action. The blades will not fall down accidently
- Easily maintained
- Designed with the researcher in mind
- Very cost effective on all models

Our Distributor

Nemi Scientific has appointed Braintree Scientific, Inc. to be our distributor. We have been engaged with Braintree Scientific, Inc. for several years with stellar results. Nemi is only 40 minutes from their headquarters and this leads to a rapid response to any customer requirements. We hope we can be of service to your guillotine needs.

About Our Color Coded Guillotines

Nemi Guillotines are color coded.
Blue...is our standard line
Red...is our heavy duty line
Yellow...is for mice
Green...is for very large animals (animal control)

About Our Animal Control Units - Green Colored

These are very large guillotines designed to help animal control departments deal with rabid animals and the required procedures to process the evaluation of the subject.

The units are made very robust and can be completely hosed down after use.

They are very safe to use if the procedures are followed.

We understand that budgets are stressed for most departments, so in designing this device we made all the necessary adjustments to make these devices very affordable.

All you have to do is contact us if you have any questions. We are here to serve.


Our Products


Model 616 mouse guillotine

Opening 1 1/2 inches along each side


Model 801

Opening 1 1/2 inches along each side


Model 802

Used for mice and rats
Opening 2 inches along each side


Model 802-HD

Opening 2 inches along each side


Model 803

Used for larger rats
Opening 3 inches along each side


Model 804 Standard Duty

Opening 4 inches along each side


Model 804-HD

Used for larger rats
Opening 4 inches along each side


806 Standard Duty

Opening 6 inches along each side



Used for very large subjects
Model 808 is 8 inches along each side
Model 812 is 12 inches along each side